Arsi University Project

Arsi University is a project with two campuses in Ethiopia, one located in Bekoji and the other in Asella. It has a total area of 51,288m2. EASE-CCL Post-Tensioning System was incorporated at design stage. Most projects benefit from incorporating our system at such early stages because of design flexibility.

The client and their consultant chose our company to provide an alternative solution for a 5.5m span between columns in the four blocks (Two Dormitories, One Library, and One Classroom), and for the pedestrian bridge spanning 42m over the highway.

They wanted to change the design and widen the spans in the open space Halls, Libraries and Dormitories.

So our solution was to provide Value Engineering for the project by coordinating with the consultant on which columns needed to be removed which would enhance the space efficiency. We also discovered that it was more economical to change the foundations to Post-Tensioned Rafts.

EASE-CCL removed in total 35 columns and relocated 10 columns. The original spans are mostly 5.5m, however, we achieved 18m spans in open space halls.

In close communication with the consultant to meet the Architectural requirements, the above column removal was executed using Drop Beams and Flat Slabs where necessary.

Working with EASE-CCL, our client gained bigger spans, execute the pedestrian bridge of 42m span, and reduce the cost and time in the foundations by converting them to Post-Tensioning. Value Engineering has proved to be one of the most important services we offer to our clients.

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