CCL Post-tensioned Slabs deliver benefits which reduce costs and speed up construction and lower CO2 emissions.

  1. . Less concrete (as much as 30%) less than traditional reinforced concrete
  2. . Less reinforcement
  3. . Thinner, stronger slabs maximise floor-to-ceiling height and provide savings on cladding and services
  4. . Longer spans reduce the number of columns for greater flexibility of layout and more open, spacious interiors
  5. . Enhanced crack resistance for a durable, low-maintenance finish.

SURFACE Jointless Flooring System

Surface Jointless Flooring provides a high quality, low-maintenance flooring solution for a wide range of applications including industrial, retail, leisure and healthcare. It is available in a wide range of colours and finishes which can be tailored to suit the client’s exact needs and tastes. Surface resists cracks and provides a tough, durable surface which is designed to retain its appearance and minimise ongoing maintenance costs.

CCL Slab on Grade

CCL Slab on Grade solutions are ideally suited to industrial applications where they reduce construction and ongoing maintenance costs. They do this by reducing or eliminating entirely the number of joints in a slab. By applying compressive forces to the post-tensioned slab, CCL Slab on Grade copes effectively with problematic soil and achieves improved crack resistance.

CCL ShearTrack®

CCL ShearTrack® provides additional reinforcement slab column connections when problems caused by punching shear occur. ShearTrack® helps keep the slab depth as thin as possible with flat slabs as a standard solution by removing the need for drop panels, column caps or localised concrete thickening. A cost-effective alternative to shear links and other shear reinforcement alternatives which are time-consuming to install, ShearTrack® simplifies reinforcement around the columns to speed up concreting and location of services.

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