Elias Summit Apartment

Elias Summit Apartment is a Basement and Ground+8 Residential/Commercial development in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. With total area of 9,405 m2, the EASE-CCL Post-Tensioning System was incorporated at Design Stage.

The client requested our services to provide a solution for the 5.5m spans between columns.

The original solution included Big Drop Beams of 50cm in both directions.

EASE-CCL used its system with a flat slab of 18cm, resulting in:

• Reduction in slab depth

• Reduction in steel by 67%

• Reduction in concrete by 18%.

• Reduction in execution time

This gave a height reduction of 2.88m for the whole building, allowing the owner can add 1 floor.

Contact Info

Bole Sub City, Wereda 06
Jacros-Salitemehret RD
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
E: info@ease-int.com
P: +251-11-667-16-15