Elilta RE Building Project

Elilta RE Building is residential/commercial project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. EASE-CCL’s Post-Tensioning system was incorporated to design and execute the bridge connecting the two blocks shown in the picture.

The owner, Elilta Real Estate, and their consultant, Bereket Tesfaye and Michael Structures, wanted EASE-CCL to provide a solution for the 33m bridge between the two blocks, situated at the 19th floor, 70m above ground level.

An alternative steel structure solution was designed. However, it proved to be financially impractical, hard to execute, and did not adhere to the Architectural plan in place.

The main challenges faced on this project were:

• 33m span bridge

• 70m free height above ground

• A structure light enough to be carried by the foundations and columns

• Adhere to the architectural plans of the building

• Cost effective solution

• Constraints of scaffolding (propping 70m height)

• Constraints of cranes

EASE-CCL worked relentlessly to offer solutions that met all the above constraints. We were able to achieve the following:

• PT beams of adequate sections to span 33m and still be light enough

• The floor system used was coordinated with the Architecture.

• Applied a unique casting methodology to solve the scaffolding and crane constraints

• Faster execution using easier formwork and curing time (7 days instead of 21)

• Executable, cost effective solution

DEASE-CCL strives to push the boundaries of structures. This technically challenging project would not have been successfully executed if it weren’t for our company’s competency and determination to excel in our services.

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