Foreign Affairs Bldg Project

Foreign Affairs is a 42 story Public Project situated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with a total area of 49,490m2. EASE-CCL Post-Tensioning System was incorporated at the project’s excavation phase. The first slab was executed in June 2019.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and their consultant, Aspire, used EASE-CCL services to provide the most optimal solution for the slabs and the weight of the structure.

The original solution included Pile Foundations and a Mat Foundation on top. Since Pile Foundation is very expensive and time consuming in Ethiopia, the client wanted to eliminate the need for it.

With the above challenge in mind, EASE-CCL replaced the RC alternative of a solid slab, two-way drop beams of 50cm with an EASE-CCL flat slab of 20cm. This resulted in reducing the concrete by 13%, hence the structure weight was reduced enough to eliminate the need for Pile Foundation. Finally, we were able to reduce the steel in the slabs by 57%.

The client benefited from the above reductions by saving money and time and additionally, gained flexibility in their designs and space usage due to the flat slab system.

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