Kasanchis Eneshita Minale Projects

Kasanchis Eneshita Minale is a residential/commercial project built in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. With a total area of 17,150 m2, where EASE-CCL’s post tensioning system was incorporated after finishing the foundations.

We were approached by the owner, Pan Africa Real Estate, and their consultant Kenmos Engineering, to provide a solution for 10m spans between columns.

The original solution included Big Drop Beams of 50-60cm in both directions.

In hopes to find an alternative solution for the 6 m spans between columns, the owner of New Hope Real Estate, and their consultant Kenmos contacted our office.

After assessing the project EASE-CCL accomplished a flat slab of 20 cm. By performing Value Engineering, we were able to:

• Reduce the cost

• Reduce the slab depth

• Reduce steel by 60% and concrete by 20%

• Faster execution and easier method of construction

• Increase the room height clearance.

Ultimately, our Value Engineering managed to reduce the height of the overall building by 9m, allowing our client to add 3 floors to their project. Both EAASE-CCL and the client were significantly satisfied with this incredible accomplishment.

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