Kazanchis RE Building Project

Kazanchis RE Building is residential/commercial project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Its total area is 38,475m2 and EASE-CCL’s Post-Tensioning system was incorporated at design stage.

The owner, Nasew Construction, approached EASE-CCL to provide a solution for the 5.5m span between columns and the tight space in the parking.

The building’s original plan included Big Drop Beams of 50cm in both directions.

To reduce the cost, slab depth, steel and concrete, and provide a faster execution time, EASE-CCL’s solution was the following:

• Reduction in slab depth using a flat slab system, resulting in 13% less concrete

• Column removal in the parking area

• A reduce in cost

• Reduction in steel by 51%

• Faster execution using easier formwork and curing time (7 days instead of 21)

• Total height reduction of 6m allowing the owner to add 2 more floors

This project is a basic example of how our technology and Value Engineering benefits our clients. An additional 2 floors resulted in more profit for the owner, which would not have been possible without our solutions.

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