Pan Africa Apt Bldg Projects

Pan Africa Apartment Building is a residential project situated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. With a total area of 31,000m2, the EASE-CCL Post-Tensioning system was incorporated at concept stage. The first slab was casted in October 2018.

We were approached by the owner, Pan Africa Real Estate, and their consultant Kenmos Engineering, to provide a solution for 10m spans between columns.

The columns were situated in order to maximize the parking space, and the original solution included big drop beams. This method is costly in execution and consumes much time.

EASE-CCL applied a system with a flat slab of 20cm and drop caps localized at columns, which reduced the:

1. Cost
2. Slab depth
3. Steel by 62%
4. Concrete by 25%.

Our company created an easier method of execution and this provided flexibility of layout and services.

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