Piyassa Site Project

Piyassa Site is a 19-story Building in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. With a total area of 25,865m2, at foundation stage the EASE-CCL’s Post-Tensioning System was incorporated

Our client, Emperium Real Estate, inquired our Specialized Engineering Services to provide a solution for the 6.5m spans between columns. Their original solution included Big Drop Beams of 50cm in both directions.

The reduction of steel is crucial in the Ethiopian market. Since steel prices are extremely high and availability is scarce, consumers will incur a waste of valuable time waiting on materials and large expenses.

To decrease our client’s costs, EASE-CCL solutions reduced the following:

• Slab depth

• Steel by 61%

• Execution time using easier formwork and curing time (7 days instead of 21)

• Total height by 4.5m allowing the owner to add 1 more floor.

Contact Info

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Jacros-Salitemehret RD
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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