Tamrain Office and Showroom Project

Tamrain Office and Showroom is a four-story car showroom in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where the EASE-CCL Post Tensioning System was incorporated after the foundations were completed. The project was delivered in October 2018.

The owner and his consultant contacted our company to maximize space for the cars. However, the project was very time sensitive. Removing columns usually entails the strengthening of the other columns and their foundations to be able to take the load off of the removed members. This is very costly regarding money and time, especially if the foundations have been completed.

Our challenge was avoiding having to strengthen the foundations, so we needed to provide the lightest solution possible while removing columns and creating aesthetically pleasant alternatives.

The original solution was 8 x 5m Column Spans and Drop Beams of 50cm in both directions. After providing Value Engineering to our client, we advised them to remove 4 columns and go with the solution of Flat Slabs with Drop Caps. The Flat Slab was 20cm and the Drop Caps were localized over columns making the spans 8 x 10m.

This solution formed a better flexibility for the MEP services, wider spaces for the car showroom, and a more appealing architectural concept.

But more importantly, we were able to avoid foundation strengthening by reducing the concrete section. Column widening was required which was relatively easy to apply since the columns were not casted. We designed, supplied and supervised the columns using bonding agents to fix the new steel bars into the foundations.

We were able to meet the time constraints of our client, through providing the best tailor-made solutions for their specific project by applying Value Engineering.

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