Temesgen Chaka Residence Project

A three-story villa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia-Temesgen Chaka Residence incorporated the EASE-CCL Post Tensioning system at concept stage, and the project was delivered in June 2018.

The owner wanted to build around his existing structure without disrupting its historical value.

To avoid planting columns in the existing house, the spans had to be 13m between columns. Also, the Slab Level needed to be adjacent to the existing building so that they could connect the two together. Hence, we needed to find a solution that accommodated long spans and thin slabs.

The EASE-CCL System used a Flat Slab of 35cm. Thus, we were able to avoid any columns or drop beams going into the existing historical house and connect the adjacent structure to the original one.

Value Engineering is the most important service that we can provide to our customers. In this project you can see that meeting the client’s requirements with all the constraints given is what we strived for and achieved.

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