Ustreet Apartment Building Project

U Street Apartment is a 3 Basement, Ground Floors +12 residential/commercial project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with a total area of 15,280 m2. After finishing the foundations, the EASE-CCL Post Tensioning system was incorporated.

The owner, U Street Parking PLC, and their consultant, JDAW, contacted us to apply our Specialized Engineering Services on the 5.5m column spans.

The original solution included Big Drop Beams of 50cm in both directions. Instead, EASE-CCL installed impressive flat slabs of 18cm. What this meant for our client was:

• Reduction in cost

• Reduction in slab depth

• Reduce steel by 65% and concrete by 25%

• Faster execution and easier method of construction

• Increase the room height clearance.

From these benefits, a total height reduction of 4m for the whole building was achieved, permitting an additional floor.

Due to the constraints of the traditional RC solution, removal of columns is rarely done in Ethiopia. Today it is being implemented in most of our projects since EASE-CCL is equipped with the necessary expertise and services. Our client requested us to remove 6 columns for architectural purposes. We did this starting from ground floor level and now the owners are making the most of their space.

Contact Info

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Jacros-Salitemehret RD
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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