Wonberta Bldg Project

Wonberta Building is an 14-story residential/commercial project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Its total area is 5,660m2 and EASE-CCL’s Post-Tensioning system was incorporated at the project’s execution stage.

The consultant, Absolute Architects, approached EASE-CCL to provide a solution for the 6.5m span between columns. The project’s original plan included 4 columns in the entry of their building and our company removed 2 columns giving the building a more aesthetically pleasing and grander entrance.

To reduce the cost, slab depth, steel and concrete, and provide a faster execution time, EASE-CCL’s solution was the following:

• Reduction in slab depth using a flat slab system, resulting in 10% less concrete

• Significant column removal in the entrance

• Reduction in steel by 52%

• Faster execution using easier formwork and curing time (7 days instead of 21)

EASE-CCL was able to remove 2 columns after execution has already started for architectural purposes. While column removal is rarely done in Ethiopia, EASE-CCL eliminates this challenge regularly by implementing Post-Tensioning in most of our projects. The owners are making the most of their space while reducing cost, time and increasing the quality of their buildings.

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