Yeka Parking Project

Yeka Parking is a public parking project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with a total area of 37,378m2. The EASE-CCL Post-Tensioning system was incorporated at design stage, allowing them to take full advantage of our technology.

The contractor and consultant sought EASE-CCL to provide a solution for the 11.5 by 7.5m spans between their columns.

The original solution for the typical floor included Big Drop Beams of 90cm in both directions, and intermediate Drop Beams between columns as well. As for the raft, it was 1.5m deep. This method takes time and costs more to execute.

To reduce the cost, slab depth, steel and concrete, and provide a faster execution time, EASE-CCL did the following:

• Reduction in slab depth using Drop Caps and a 22cm flat slab for the typical floors

• Reduction in raft depth using 1.2m instead of 1.5m

• Reduction in steel by 65%

• Faster execution due to an easier formwork and curing time (7 days instead of 21)

• Total height reduction of 8.64m

Our client was extremely pleased with our methods of solving the above mentioned challenges and as a company we were happy to provide such solutions.

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