ZZ Hospital Project

ZZ Hospital is a 23,660m2 project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. EASE-CCL’s Post-Tensioning system was incorporated at design stage.

Our client, the owner of ZZ Hospital, approached us to apply a tailored solution for the 5.5m spans between columns. The original solution included Big Drop Beams of 50cm in both directions.

Hospitals usually require a lot of MEP design and installation, which is problematic with having Drop Beams in two directions on all columns. This entails either to lose clearance on floors to accommodate the MEP grid, or to incur a lot of costs by drilling the Drop Beams.

To solve the above-mentioned challenges, the EASE-CCL System created a Flat Slab of 18cm. This gave flexibility of layout and services, a better room height clearance, and a reduction in MEP installation costs and time.

While reducing the steel inside the slabs by 65% and the concrete by 22%, a height reduction of 4m for the whole building was accomplished, allowing the owner to add 1 floor.

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